TYPE: Interior Design; CLIENT: Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd; LOCATION: Puchong South, Malaysia; STATUS: Completed 2013; PROJECT LEADER: CY CHAN; ASSOCIATE IN CHARGE: KeeYen; DESIGN TEAM: Ong Chien Hui


Before entering to the show unit, there is a buffer area to defining of the show unit boundary. A rough and raw feeling was created by using the richness of textures to segregate the fine finishing of the show unit. This buffer area will be the foyer or waiting area where one get surprised when he/she first reaching the mezzanine floor  before visiting the show unit.

The floor was made up with hand-painted clay brick to achieve an abstract  natural floor finishing. A total contrasting feels when visitors were brought to the show unit after walking on the rough surface floor of this buffer area.

Curvilinear design was implemented from wall design to its furniture selection in line with the architectural languages of the serviced apartment – O2 Residence.