TYPE: Sales & Exhibition Gallery

CLIENT: Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd

LOCATION: Bandar Puchong South, Selangor, Malaysia

STATUS: Completed 2013

PROJECT LEADER: Ar. Chan Chin Yeow


TEAM: Rafeah


O2 Gallery is located at Bandar Puchong South, an exhibition gallery for Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd of their property sales gallery. O2 Show Unit is an interior design job which was only took 14 days for the show unit Interior design from its design inception to completion due to tight time frame available. It was designed in line with architectural design of the building by using free-flowing and curvilinear languages. We used a lot of sketches and on-site communication to ensure the delivery of the project. 

It is a two storey height gallery building in which ground floor area is a huge exhibition area and a mezzanine floor to house the show unit. The exhibition area is having its spacious double volume space – in connection to the external landscaping area. It created a maximum transparency that enhances the visual contact to the green environment and the lake outside. O2 Gallery also expresses new exhibition experience by its irregular shape and form.