TYPE: Low-Rise Residential

CLIENT: TLS Group Sdn Bhd

LOCATION: Mutiara Heights, Selangor, Malaysia

STATUS: Completed 2015

PROJECT LEADER: Ar. Chan Chin Yeow


TEAM: Ong Chien Hui, Rafeah


Mutiara Villa is a housing project comprising of total 123 units of 3 storey terrace houses at Kajang, a fast-growth township especially after the impact of MRT line. The project is situated next to the Kajang Jail and surrounded with new and upcoming high-rises residential towers. It gives design challenges and becoming a constraint contextually but it has been completed as a pearl (“mutiara”) within its vicinity.

Three levels layout the family activities for a nuclear family and yet it is expandable. Total of six enclosed rooms are provided while the design allowed open spaces for other activities which are designed with flexibility for transformation into additional rooms. For example, a study or music corner next to living area, family area with library corner. Besides that, it differentiated from the typical linked houses, Mutiara Villa design comfortability afforded void – double volume space for all the units’ types. Its contemporary façade was shaped from the layout. Its physical forms having a little bit extra features in compared with the typical repetitive housing schemes. Corner units, end-units and intermediate units are all having variances, where it were intentionally to provide varieties to the community. The idea of varieties within repetitive being used largely through tiny design tweaks, such as the opening sizes, coping sizes, the colour schemes, material choices and roof pitch directions. This has enhanced the uniqueness of the “pearl” value for the entire scheme.

Besides bearing on client’s commercial imperatives, this project has surpassed client’s expectation with added value. Moreover, it offered more choices of living style to the public as we believed that varieties in people needs freedom of choice.